If you have purchased any e-books of from LotusArise Store. After the Payment Successful, You will be redirected to ‘Thank You‘ page.

On Thank You page, Go to Download section and click on Download Link with Purple Colour Download Button (with text ‘Title of Notes’).


Check your Email (also Spam Folder) and click on Download Link with Purple Colour (with text ‘Title of Notes’) to Download the Notes PDF.

If you didn’t get any email from LotusArise Store in your inbox in 5 minutes with a purple colour download button (with some text ‘Title of PDF Files’), please check your other folders like All Mails/Promotions/Updates/Social/Spam or double-check if your entered email id is correct.

If You are still facing any problem/issue, Just mail me at [ support@lotusarise.com with payment screenshot and Document/documents Name.

You can also contact me on Whatsapp or Telegram at 8595326267